Education to Build a Better Future for All

We live in a world with many complex problems, both local and global. All people have their own problem and they need to solve it. We need to solve it and of the way to solve it that is we need to be smart. If we want to be smart the education system must be good too. So now I will talk about a good or ideal education in my opinion.

In my country Indonesia we have rules that is ‘wajib belajar 9 tahun’ this means school is free from elementary school to middle high school and it only apply to public school. After we graduate we can continue to Senior High or vocation school, vocational school is a bit like college. After High School we continue to college. We are not always study at school we can also study at home or we can call it Homeschooling. In Homeschooling the teacher come to our home. I don’t know how homeschooling is so that’s the only thing about homeschool that I will discuss.

I will discuss about school now or more precisely educational system. In Indonesia the educational system is not really good, the students must be able to study all subject and get a good grade at all subject. That’s why in my country the student tend to be stressed because of the demand they have to met. Some students dropout or even kill themselves if they cant handle the pressure. Student in Indonesia must have a good mentality. In Indonesia student have a really big burden with all the subject, homework and National Exam. This is why many people don’t enjoy going to school and in result many smart people didn’t achieve their full potential. In my opinion we need to fix the education system so that many people can achieve their potential, the new education system we can call it “Ideal Education”

Ideal education in my opinion is an education system where student can enjoy their study while getting a lot from it, the student can have fun and also getting a educated while playing or something else. In this ideal education student don’t have to learn what they’re not interested in or what they don’t good at so they can concentrate only in a few subject but in result they can master it and get a better use in the future. An ideal education need to have this idea at least from junior high school not only from college because it will reduce the burden of every student. Student tend to be happy if they study not in class but in field so I think it will be a good idea if school do many subject outside school and do many practice activities, not only the student will enjoy it more they also know how it works in real life not only the theories. Theories are really boring and make people more sleepy so studying in the field or more practice activities is a good option for the teacher to considerate. To achieve this ideal education school and teacher play a big part in it, because they’re the one who run it, while the student are the one who can feel the change. Ideal education is important for student because they’re the one who will run the future, the future is in their hands, so if the student didn’t get the best education they can get the future will not be really great as well. Teacher in ideal education have to be good to student but that doesn’t mean student can do anything they want, if the students didn’t obey the rules, teacher can punish them so they can learn from their mistake and won’t do it again in the future. Homework and subjects need to be reduced too so the students didn’t have so many burden. In this ideal educational system school must have the complete learning tools like a lab for chem, biology and many other subject so the student can study better and more effective. This Ideal Education only apply from Elementary School to Senior High because in college is different.

That’s my opinion about Ideal Education thanks for reading and hope it will become true in the future. Bye!