“Mobile phones have made life worse, not better.”

Mobile phone is one of the developing technologies in the world. It is a must have items this days. It has different variation from the cheap to the expensive, from the old one to the new one. The size are also variative there are the small one and the big one. Almost everyone have at least 1 mobile phones. Nowadays is just like the primary need for human being. People carry it everywhere they go. It becomes the most important things for some people. It can even become more important than many other useful things. Even the poorest people have phone nowadays.

Mobile phones have many positive uses. Mobile phones have many uses not just for texting or calling someone. If you have a smartphone it have many more uses. It can replace some of the uses of notebook because it is more mobile. It can also use for entertainment like playing games, watch video and many more. For some it can also replace notebook for working as it can run many apps for work. Mobile phones make it easier for people to communicate because it can connect people from everywhere. You can also have more many friends from the social media in your phone. If you’re in emergency situation it can also help you, if you need to contact your friend or relatives in this emergency situation you can use your mobile phone. It can also use for business for some people like online shop, or just to contact your business partner. Students can do their assignment in their phone too if they want, because it is more mobile and easier. And students can also study on their phone. If you use your phone wisely it can have many positive effect for you.

Mobile phones have many negative effect too. For example people wasting time that they can use for other more useful things but they just play with their phone. It can cause people to spend more money. It can also make people antisocial because they just play their phones and not socialize with other people. Some people can also be jealous of other people phone because it is more expensive and their phone is not as expensive as that. For students it can make you have bad grade because students are more interested with their phone rather than studying. A lot of accident occure because of mobile phone too. For example there are some people that texting or calling while driving so the driver is not focus on driving and accident happen. Some pedestrians also uses their phone while walking on the street even when they’re crossing the road so they didn’t focus and get hit by a car or a motor. Mobile phones have bad impact on health as well like radiation and many other else. People tend to sleep with their phone next to their head and it can cause radiation which is not good for health. So you need to use your phone wisely.

And that’s it, thank you for your attention. See you soon.