My Holiday

Hey! In this opportunity i will tell you what i did last holiday. Enjoy reading!

We have a total of almost 3 weeks of holiday, while many of my friends went somewhere for holiday with their family (a lot of them went to Bali), i spent the first two weeks joining Basic Education (Pendidikan Dasar), it was held by my extracurricular : Jamadagni. My Holiday started at 24th of December and i prepared myself for the basic education which started at 27th of December, it lasted for 7 days until 2nd of January.

I will tell a bit about what i did in the basic education, basically in the basic education we are taught the basic things to survive in nature by our seniors, first we were taught how to do it and after that we try to do it ourself. Its to much to tell all the things i did in the basic education so i wont tell it all but i will show you some pictures.

Equipment Check

Equipment Check

Open Navigation

Open Navigation

After the inauguration

After the inauguration

On the last day we didn’t know that it was our inauguration and when we were asked to turn around we hear “Pelantikan Anggota Muda” we were all suprised and almost all of us cry but it was because we were really happy that it was finally over, after the inauguration we take a lot of photo and after we went home. For the last remaining week of my holiday i just stayed at home.


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