Matswapati is a cultural festival that is made by my school SMAN 3 Bandung to celebrate Bandung’s birthday. The event was held on 27th September and took place in Lapangan Bali, it was a field near our school. Matswapati name came from a Wayang’s(indonesian puppet) name.

Every class had their unique traditional costumes and their own stands at Lapangan Bali and have to join the parade. Because it’s Bandung’s birthday so my class use Bandung traditional costume, the boys wears pangsi(sundanese clothes) while the girls wears kebaya. We must gather at seven o’clock and parade around bandung with our traditional costumes. It was fun because when we cross the street the cars and motorcycle keep honking at us so that we walk faster. We shouted “MATSWAPATI!” along the journey, it was really fun.

After the parade we went back to Lapangan Bali. The boys in my class go to the food fest and eat there. A few hours after that we feel bored so me and my friend went futsal against IPA 7, it was fun and we won the match even though only by 1 point. We went back to Lapangan Bali and watch wayang show it was really funny and most of the audience laugh.

In the afternoon the guest star Barsena start performing, he was really good and talented. After that another guest star glenn fredly perform he was awesome, but unfortunately i have to went home early because my parents already pick me up.

That’s all about MATSWAPATI i hope you enjoy reading it



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