My New Friend

I have a new friend. His name is Riansyah Widisaputra, i usually cal him Rian. He come from 5 Junior High School so i just met him in 3 Senior High School, he’s my classmate at X Acceleration 2 in 3 Senior High School Bandung. He was born in Purworejo, August 16th 1998. He’s 1 year older than me. He have and older brother with only a year gap. His father is Betawi (people who’s born at Jakarta) while his mother is Javanese.

i know, he’s embarrasing

I will tell little bit further about him and his family, he have on brother that was born on 23 june 1997 his name is Randyasta Adipratama he’s studying at 7 Senior High School Bandung. His father name is and was born on 27 September 1973, he work as BUMN’s employee. His mother name is Herny Widiasih and was born on 24 December 1973, she work at “Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan RI”. Rian like to spend time with his family or atleast on the phone if he can’t meet them.He love animal and have one pet, it’s arowana. He’s taking care of it since it was a little fish until now it was a big arowana and have a bigger and have a sharp teeth it can also eat frogs or fish, but he still love it. He have many hobby such as playing football, reading a book, drawing something and some strange hobby of him.

He wanted to be an architect in the future since 4th grade. He wanted to be an architect because he love drawing and designing, so he want to continue his study in ITB and take sappk majors. He’s working hard to achieve it, he study hard in mathematics and try to be careful in calculating because it can be a mess in real life when a architecting a house and miss even only a bit of calculation. He even have his own quotes “if there is something that you think it’s very hard, and you can’t do, why don’t you think it’s a little things that you can learn and you can do it easily. So don’t be negative thinking and do it with pleasure”

That’s a short biography of my friend thank you for reading! Goodbye and have a good day



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