About Me

Hi everyone! I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Auzan Amanatullah Agnar, my friend called me Ojan or sometimes just Auzan. Now, I’m studying at 3 Senior High School Bandung. I was born in Bandung, December 1st 1999. I’m the youngest one in my family, i only have one sister. My hobby is playing games or playing with friends. My favorite sport is Football but in Bandung there’s only a few place to play football so instead i often play futsal with my friend sometimes i play basketball too.

Me and my sister

Me and my sister

I will tell a bit about my family, my father was born in Pemalang, Desember 28th 1966 and my mother was born in Boyolali, 13th July 1966, both of them are javanese. My father work at Telkom and also as a college teacher and my mother work as a doctor. I have 1 sister she was born in Denpasar, November 9th 1994 she was graduated from SMAN 3 Bandung on 2012 and now she went to SBM ITB.

Now, i will tell you about my school life. I entered Cendekia Leadership School Playgroup and Kindergarten on 2002 and at the age of 5 i continue my study and went to Cendekia Leadership School Elementary. I got so many interesting experience there, like ‘magang’ and many other things it was an unforgettable memories. I graduated from Elementary in 2011 and i entered 7 Junior High School Bandung. 3 years in 7 Junior High were really great, i met many friends. After i graduated from 7 Junior High at 2014 i went to 3 Senior High School Bandung to continue my study and to make my dream come true easier. I take an acceleration program in my school so i can finish it in just 2 years instead of 3.

I really love animal especially animal with fur like cat, rabbit etc. I have 4 cats in my house, 1 is the mother and the others are her kids. The mother are mixbreed of persian and angoran while it kids or which can we call kitten are mixbreed of their mother and a local cats. They’re really cute and fluffy make me want to squeeze  hug them

here they are! 2 has died :(

here they are! 2 has died 😦

Last, i want to tell about my dream, I want to be a programmer because i think it’s fun to make a games or anything like that. Now i have to study hard to achieve my dream, and hope that i can continue my study to ITB and take STEI majors

Aaaaand that’s all for me thank you for reading this short biography of me, don’t forget to say hi whenever you see me!


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