Best Applications for Rooted Device (I’ve Tried)

8.Android Terminal EmulatorAndroid Terminal Emulator
Android Terminal Emulator is a free application that lets you access your Android’s built-in command shell whilst emulating the style of a Digital Equipment Corporation VT-100 terminal.

Super SU keeps an extensive log of all root permissions as they’re accessed. This is a great way for developers to see how their apps are doing, or for the more security-conscious to keep an eye on things. You can also remove root functions temporarily to watch a Google Video movie and restrict permissions on a per-app basis. SuperSU has features like a comprehensive root access management system and an OTA root keeper for those who purchase the pro version. You can get it simply by rooting your phone.

6.GL to SDGL to SD
GL to SD is a great app if you’re device low on memory, you can move application data to external sd.

5.Install ManagerInstall Manager
Install Manager can make you install apps anywhere(apk), and move any app to your external sd card easy

4.Lucky PatcherLucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool to remove ads, modify Permissions, bypass premium applications license verification. It can also break some apps from play store become free.

3.One Power GuardOne Power Guard
One Power Guard is one and only kernel-level power-saving and unique battery protection app, , change your cpu setting, optimizes your system by the kernel on your standby and reduces 70%~80% Power consumption.

2.Titanium BackupTitanium Backup
You can freeze apps, preventing them from running, and backup apps which anyone who has experience with rooting will tell you is important. It then offers over 3 dozen other features, like syncing backups to cloud storage, uninstalling system apps –which is essential to get rid of bloatware- and multi-user support.

Greenify will analyze your applications and tell you which ones are running, were recently run, and how many times they ran. Using this info, you can put apps into hibernate mode where they will only work when you actually use them. This can save you hours of battery life and effectively solves a long time problem of rogue apps keeping your phone awake.

If there’s another one you’d like to mention, let me know in the comments!


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