Arsenal Youngster Watch: Joel Campbell

Joel Campbell
Joel Campbell has been in impressive form all season, scoring seven goals and providing ten assists in 19 league appearances for Olympiacos so far this campaign, but last night was the occasion on which he demonstrated his potential in front of the watching world. Continue reading

Best Applications for Rooted Device (I’ve Tried)

8.Android Terminal EmulatorAndroid Terminal Emulator
Android Terminal Emulator is a free application that lets you access your Android’s built-in command shell whilst emulating the style of a Digital Equipment Corporation VT-100 terminal.

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How to Install Android Firmware Manually

1. Download the firmware file, you can look for it at here
2. Extract (unzip) the firmware file
3. Download the latest Odin
4. Extract Odin zip-file
5. Open Odin
6. Reboot phone in Download Mode (press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons)
7. Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
8. Add the firmware file to AP / PDA
9. Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
10.Click the start button, and wait a few minutes

FM 14: Player Attributes 4 (Physical Attributes)


Acceleration is how quickly a player can reach top speed (pace) from a standing start. It therefore ties in very closely with the Pace attribute.

Agility reflects how well a player can start, stop, and move in different directions at varying levels of speed (pace). It ties in with the Pace, Acceleration, and Balance attributes as they work together in the match engine, especially when a player is running with the ball.

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FM 14: Player Attributes 3 (Mental Attributes)


This reflects a player’s attitude in terms of playing mentality but is not necessarily a dirtiness indicator. A more aggressive player will look to involve himself in every incident and get stuck in, perhaps at the expense of a yellow card or two. A less aggressive player may shy away from situations and merely drop into his comfort zone.

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